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An AU Yuugiou RPG

~*The Origin of Honda*~
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Origin -- An Alternate Universe Yuugiou RPG

Set one year after Duelist Kingdom, everyone has continued their normal lives, but Honda Hiroto's adventure has just begun. After his parents tell him that he was adopted, Honda sets out on an adventure that will change his life for ever...

- One character per person, this includes yamis and hikaris.
- You do not have to create a new journal.
- Stay active. Don't join and not roleplay.
- This RPG is humour orientated, we will be taking Yuugiou to the extreme. So if you like drama/action rpgs, this isn't the rpg for you.
- No original characters please.
- Yaoi and yuri are allowed, so no bashing.

Taken Characters
* kemolovesyou - Kemo Therapie
* croquet_ - Croquet Balles-Therapie
* ryuuj - Katsuya Jounouchi
* _anzu - Mazaki Anzu
* setohatesyou - Kaiba Seto
* mokuba_chan - Kaiba Mokuba
* ruler_ryou - Bakura Ryou
* molestingyou247 - Johji Iwanatouchu
* yugi_rulez - Mutou Yuugi
* spirit_pharaoh - Yami No Yuugi
* dice_boy - Otougi Ryuuji
* _noa_kaiba_ - Kaiba Noa
* serenitywheeler - Kawai Shizuka
* thief_king - Yami No Bakura

Needed Characters
* Pegasus
* Honda (This has a pre-made journal, * honda_h)

//If you want to play a character that's not on this list, that is possible, we just need these characters before we start. ^^; //

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